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OKPRO Portable Power Station, 62500mA /231Wh Solar Generator, Portable Power Supply with 110V/200W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet, Solar Mobile Lithium Battery Pack for Outdoors Camping Travel Emergency


(255 customer reviews)


  • [ SAFE & RELIABLE ] – Need to press the AC button to use the AC port. OKPRO portable power station uses a battery management system (BMS) to improve battery utilization, and extend battery service life through short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, overheating protection and other functions.
  • [ TOUCH-SCREEN BUTTON & COLORFUL LIGHT ] – The solar generator replacing the traditional physical buttons, the new touch-screen buttons give this battery generator more stability and technology. Need to press and hold for 3-5 seconds to turn on And unique mood lighting creates a wonderful atmosphere for outdoor camping or indoor parties. The color of the light can change automatically over time or be fixed to a certain color, including white, yellow, red, green, blue, and more.
  • [ 3 WAYS TO CHARGE ] – The portable power station DC adapter input charge(7 hours fully charged),Car cigarette DC 12V power(7 hours fully charged) and from 50-100W 18V Solar power panel(Not included)(10 hours fully charged)
  • [ ECO-FRIENDLY CLEAN POWER SUPPLY ] – PURE SINE WAVE output operates even the most sensitive electronics, it’s better than modified sine wave, with intelligent CPU control mode, Key switch output, LCD display, short circuit and surge protection. Featuring standard PURE SINE WAVE AC outlet solar generator provides stable power to a wide range of AC powered devices from TVs, projectors to small blenders, a pellet smoker, etc. which are rated under 200 watts.
  • [ TAKE YOUR PORTABLE POWER STATION WITH YOU ANYWHERE ] OKPRO solar power generator is an ideal choice for outdoor mobile power and emergency backup battery for home office. Generators for home use make life convenient and worry-free.


Product description



Continuous Power: 200W
Peak Output Power: 300W
Output waveform: Pure sine wave
DC adapter input charge: 15V/2.4A
AC Output Voltage: AC110V or AC220V
Output Real Power: ≥85%
Quiescent current: <0.4mA
Under-voltage: 13.5V-15V
Over-voltage protection: 21V-21.5V
Fuse: 1*30A
Overheat Protection: >70℃
Cooling fan: Temperature control fan
Short-circuit protection: Yes
Size/Weight: 4.92 x 4.92 x 6.69 inches/2.9 kg(6.49 lbs)

Packing List:
1 * 200W portable power station
1 * DC 15V 2.4A Power adapter
1 * Car charging cable
1 * User manual

255 reviews for OKPRO Portable Power Station, 62500mA /231Wh Solar Generator, Portable Power Supply with 110V/200W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet, Solar Mobile Lithium Battery Pack for Outdoors Camping Travel Emergency

  1. Phoua Yang

    It’s nice and small. Good for where there’s no outlets. Very portable.

  2. Leroy Riley

    I have many portable power and this one kinda get everything done at a reasonable price. Streamed a funeral and used it powering everything I need at the cemetery drone,, slingstudio, mixer, and ipad 12.9″ and had 6 hr of power

  3. Mathurin Petit Frere

    I brought this product product to the flea Market on a Saturday to charge my products or to try them before I sale them. Everyone was coming to me to see it because they were impressed. I happy with it so far!

  4. Betsy Armstrong

    So far, so good! I am really looking forward to having it available when we lose power this winter. I bought a little hot plate to run off of it. Don’t want to be quarantined without coffee!

  5. Gary Her

    Nicely built and does not look cheap. Portable and space saving.

  6. Corey Chow

    I just received this product so cannot comment much on how it is being used. Definitely plan on using it during power outages as a battery backup for our electronic equipment. Very excited that it has a built in lamp so it can be a dual purpose lamp/charging station when we lose power at night. Also plan on using it to run a CPAP machine.

  7. Crystal Harper

    I just received the product I love the size. I live in an apartment where the power rarely goes out but I want to be prepared if it does and I need to charge my phone, and or watch a little tv.

  8. Porter Timmons

    I got it for use during long power outages like after a hurricane. I still haven’t figured out how to just get the light to work without changing colors. I just want a white light.

  9. Richard Dzurnak

    This power station has all the connections I need it is light weight and portable. The external light only helps while camping and it last a long time on a full charge.
    I am quite happy with the product.

  10. Troy Elliott

    This successfully powers 2 additional monitors for several hours. I am still investigating options to power my laptop that do not require the use of the ac adapter.

  11. Russell Snow

    Excellent design. Has everything and more than other power banks.

  12. john gentilini

    Its brand new, so far so good.

  13. Gabriel Lau

    The solar generator is really slick and compact. The integrated area light is very nice to have and helps with more than just using the power supply. Extremely compact and lightweight for the capacity.

  14. Binh Diep

    I’ve just received it, haven’t a chance to test it out field yet.

  15. Rian Gregory Hawkins

    Setup was very easy. Took a few hours to fully charge up. Once charged it powered my cpap long enough for a long sleep which is why I bought it.

  16. Jendy Van

    It’s nice and portable and it’s not too heavy

  17. Steve Vidal

    Currently charging I’ll have a better perspective once I have call to use it. The function and features seem exactly like what I need.

  18. Bernard goldberg

    I like it compact size and now everything is them into being rich and I do like the fact that it’s not heavy I also like the light that’s running around

  19. Meng Chou

    Just received it. The appearance is very elegant. Very light but felt sturdy. I especially like the simple yet functional interface.

  20. virgilio calima

    I bought it for emergency. I dont want to be caught in the moment of not having any emergency power. I love the light colors, different charging ways and it appears very durable. Thank you for the product

  21. Angel Melgar

    This power station works amazingly and it look better than expected, especially with the RGB lights!

  22. Mark Sarreal

    Solid product. Well thought out design.

  23. Jimmy Legado

    Building I live in have power outages often for up to 8 hours and my patio gets the full sunlight so we can still be somewhat comfortable and entertained.

  24. Jim Howlett

    Product looks to be of great quality, haven’t had a chance to use it yet!

  25. Melanie Murphy

    Easy to charge. Looks functional. Can’t wait to go camping

  26. John Chan

    From initial reviews, this seems to be able to support me much longer than my largest UPS. Hopefully it pulls through during the next power outage.

  27. Dick Pang

    I enjoy using this compact and versatile power station. The very informative touch screen data display coupled with the many different ports provide excellent flexibility. I recommend this well designed rugged power station.

  28. Craig Ross

    I wish it could charge and supply AC power at the same time to work like a UPS.

  29. Tai yun

    I ordered a portable power station because I went camping last week, it was working great and it charged very fast and it lasted 12 hours. Its not very heavy or big i used it to charge my kids ipad and laptops and my kids and me really enjoyed how the nightlight can be multiple colors so you don’t need to bring a extra light with you.

  30. John Woods

    Great battery great price. Love it

  31. john d hysell

    Rugged metal case is much better than the flimsy plastic cases on many of the other power banks I have bought in the past.


    7 hours of charging time are too long.
    1 hour is best for it.

  33. Karen Moursounidis

    just got it like it. it will work great to light up my craft selling booth at markets

  34. Myron Hamilton

    I love the compact size and great portability. I love having so much electrical power in such a light weight and easy to use cube.

  35. Guna Govindaswamy

    The production looks good. I have not used used it yet and will updated after a month or so usage.

  36. Shyh-Ing Jang

    Size is great and the power last very long. Easy to store and carry.

  37. jose bracamontes

    Great product but feels it a little cheap but does the job


    I like this product, it has touch-Screen Button & Colorful Light, eco-friendly, pure sine wave, LCD display, 24-month warranty, only if it comes with a bag.

  39. Aram Isaiants

    Looks efficient and long lasting.

  40. Ju Chen

    This product is great and I love the amount of energy this can store. I just wished this comes with solar panels.

  41. Joseph A Easterday

    This is a very well built and reasonably priced power station. This is one of those things you want for an emergency but hope you never need.

  42. Chunchun Zhao

    Pretty beautiful product , light and easy to carry. It fits on short trip. However due to limit of watts hours it cannot uses camp.

  43. Floyd muir

    Great product. Very quiet and feels very stable. Very nice looking. Very easy to tell status of your powerstation. Nice size and weight. Love it.

  44. Timothy L Wallace

    We had an ice storm in Oklahoma, and many people lost power. I did not, but it made me aware that I could use something like this. I saw this one, and it was on sale. It is in a nice cabinet, with a nice carry handle, nice LCD display, and a built-in light. Several options, including two AC outlets. I honestly doubt it would run anything more than an LED light off of the AC outlet for very long, but at least it has this capability. I am happy with this purchase, so far.

  45. Stephen Hester

    Seems to be just what I need for storms and power outages. Built in pure sine wave inverter and good battery capacity. Three ways to recharge.


    Seems the watts value keeps on moving up and down

  47. SriKrishnakumar Subramanian

    Has great reviews and I am planning to
    Use it as a backup during power outages or camping or just charge essential stuff

  48. Qiuchenjianan

    It’s actually a lot lighter than expected. And have gotten some good use out of it already when we went camping. Also, we used this instead of draining my car battery during a recent tailgate, pretty quick to keep our phones charged. Good buy, would recommend!

  49. Phil Sobolewski

    Attractive, compact, power station with many uses. I really enjoy the built in light and the many ways to charge it. Also the many outputs make this a very useful item.


    So far looks good. I need to use it for a while to check it’s reliability.

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